Boating Special Fund - FY2003 Summary

DLNR - Division of Boating & Ocean Resources provided these figures. They represent a summary of Revenues & Expenditures for FY 2003 (Jul 2002 - Jun 2003)

Important Notes:

Note 1:  These are unaudited figures

Note 2:  Security deposits are not included

Legislative auditor in her 2001 audit

concluded that: "the boating program should seek a general fund appropriation to address its most critical backlogged repair and maintenance projects.  A general fund appropriation is appropriate because the program supports the general public as well as users of the State's boating facilities.  The program's mission states that ocean-based recreation is to enrich the lives of all people who surf, fish, and swim in the ocean." 

recommended that: "Immediately, the boating division should seek and secure general fund appropriations from the Legislature to address its most pressing repair and maintenance projects.  Support from the general fund would reflect the much larger population who benefit from the program than just the users of boating facilities:"

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Some Definitions:

Commercial permits are fees from the fixed monthly billings paid by commercial operators.  (Includes ~$800k from cruise ships.)

Commercial Rent percentage are fees paid by commercial operators based on 2% of gross receipts.

Investment pool interest is the interest that the division earns on its cash.

Misc. income consists of fees for the transfer of corporations, fees from late charges, issuance fees, inspection fees, bounced check penalties, fees for copies.

GO Bond Principal & Interest debt service payments for construction performed at the small boat harbors in the past.

Budget & Finance Assessment - state levied assessment to the department of budget and finance as an internal service fee.  

Rent and rental expense consists of equipment and property rentals - includes rent for copy machines, offices, and for the Ma'alaea parcel.

Revenues (FY2003)    
   Commercial Permits $2,201,130  
   Comm Rent % $936,914  
Mooring Charges   $3,024,457
Federal Money    
   Safe Boating Act $1,121,748  
   Fish Restoration $531,585  
Land & Wharf Rental   $1,470,046
Fuel Taxes   $1,314,704
Misc. (see note)   $665,482
Ramp Permit Fees   $341,311
Vessel Registration   $212,258
  Total  $11,819,635
Note:  Miscellaneous includes parking meters, Invest. Pool Interest, Misc. Income, etc.



Expenditures (FY 2003)
Payroll $3,640,704
GO Bond Prin. & Int. $1,428,008
DOCARE $1,224,656
Repairs & Maintenance $798,750
Contracted Services $696,999
Utilities $635,468
OHA Payments $607,031
Budg. & Fin. Assmt. $602,789
Rent & Rental Exp. $552,863
Ops, Supplies, Maint. $511,248
Svcs. by other Agencies $182,594
Travel & Advertisement $58,897
Misc. Expenses $57,816
Machinery & Equip $56,234
Total $11,054,057
Summary (FY2003)  
Total Revenue $11,819,635
Total Expenditures $11,054,056
Net Revenue $765,579

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Expenditure Graph


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