Mooring Fees

These fees are for residents of Hawaii only.  There is a separate fee schedule for transients and for non-residents.  See  Administrative Rules for Small Boat Harbors or talk with a Harbor Agent

Non-Liveaboard Mooring Fees

The following are the "per foot of overall vessel length" mooring fees per month as extracted from section §13-234-3 of the Administrative Rules for Small Boat Harbors.   Check the rules and the Harbor Agents for the latest pricing.


Type of Mooring

Ala Wai

Keehi, Lahaina, Maalaea, Honokohau

All Others


Alongside catwalk

$ 4.10

$ 3.50

$ 2.80


Bow/Stern Mooring
   On state buoy, anchor or cable

$ 3.40

$ 2.85

$ 2.50


        Minimum fee





   On owner's buoy or anchor

$ 2.20

$ 1.85

$ 1.60


        Minimum fee





In harbor basin
   On state cable, buoy, or anchor



$ 1.50


        Minimum fee





   On owner's buoy or anchor



$ 1.00


        Minimum fee





Skiff moorings (fore and aft, all types)

$ 1.45

$ 1.35

$ 1.25


        Minimum fee





Work docks

$ 0.45

$ 0.40

$ 0.30


        Minimum fee


$ 8.70

$ 6.00

More verbiage about mooring fees (subsection (a) refers to the above rate structure):

(b) The mooring rate schedule in subsection (a) shall apply to single-hulled vessels, except as otherwise prescribed in this section, or in sections 13-234-5, 13-234-7 and 13-234-25.

(c) A multi-hulled vessel shall be charged mooring fees in proportion to berths used in increments of one, one and one-half, or two times the fee prescribed in subsection (a) for a single hulled vessel of equal length.

(d) When more than one vessel occupies a single berth end to end, the charge shall be computed at the rate prescribed in subsection (a).

(e) Except for subsection (a)(5) which sets out the minimum charges per day, the amounts set out in the mooring rate schedules in subsection (a) are the minimum charges per month.

(f) If the assigned berth/mooring under subsection (a)(1) and (a)(2) is not provided with electricity, the fee prescribed shall be decreased by $.05 per foot per month. [Eff 2/24/94 ]

Auth: HRS §§200-6, 200-10) (Imp: HRS §§200-6, 200-10, 200-12)

Additional Fees for Liveaboards

The following is from section §13-234-8 of the Administrative Rules for Small Boat Harbors.   Check the rules and the Harbor Agents for the latest pricing.

Stay-aboard or principal habitation fee.

(a) The owner of a vessel moored in a state small boat harbor and authorized to be used as a place of principal habitation, shall pay, in addition to mooring or any other applicable fee or charge, a principal habitation fee computed according to vessel length (not vessel length overall) which is:

(1) $5.25 per foot of vessel length per month if the owner is a state resident;


Fees for Electricity - where available

Section §13-234-10 Electricity fee of the Administrative Rules for Small Boat Harbors.

The monthly fee for the use of electricity when furnished by the State at a small boat harbor shall be as follows:

(1) When no person lives aboard..............................................................................   $5.75

(2) When no person lives aboard but electricity is used for refrigeration........................ $11.00

(3) When persons live aboard but electricity is not used for cooking or refrigeration....... $11.00

(4) When persons live aboard and use electricity for cooking or refrigeration................. $25.00

[Eff 2/24/94 ] (Auth: HRS §§200-2, 200-3, 200-4, 200-10) (Imp: HRS §§200-2, 200-3, 200-4, 200-10)

Additional Fees

There are additional fees for key deposits, shower cards, security deposits, etc.

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