I need your help.

No, not money.

On this website, I plan to keep up-to-date information about harbor conditions around the state.  To do that I need your help.

If you have a boat in one of the small boat harbors, use the boat facilities, or plan to boat in Hawai'i, then I need you to

  • Send me a list of problems in your harbor
  • Photos say everything.  Send digital photos of problems
  • Promulgate www.hawaiiboaters.org and encourage boaters to join the free Hawaii Boaters discussion group (see below)
  • Be a "Harbor Activist" for your harbor
  • Write the media, your State Representative & Senator

Please indicate if you wish to be credited or remain anonymous.  Problem lists may be edited for content and photos resized.  Send Email to: WebSailor

Email me with questions and comments.



Yahoo! Groups -> HawaiiBoaters

On Yahoo!, I've created a new group called HawaiiBoaters.  It is unmoderated (nobody censors) and open to anyone who signs up for the Group.  For those unfamiliar with Yahoo! Groups, messages sent to the Group are "re-broadcast" to everyone in the group.  (You may opt for every message delivery or daily digest.)

You may use either your regular email address or register for a free address with Yahoo!

To join the free Yahoo Group called HawaiiBoaters you may either:

Click to subscribe to HawaiiBoaters

or send a blank email to: HawaiiBoaters-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Email WebSailor with questions or comments about this web site.
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