Boating Special Fund

Observations on the Boating Special Fund

DOBOR spends nearly $7,000,000 for payroll ($3,641,000), bond payments($1,428,000), DOCARE funding ($1,225,000), and OHA ($607,000) totaling $6,901,000

Recreational boaters pay about $3,500,000 for moorings ($3,024,000), ramp fees ($341,000), and vessel registration ($212,000) totaling $3,557,000  Recreational boaters also contribute to the fuel taxes.

Please review the numbers.  DOBOR has huge - compared to revenue - fixed costs before they expend any money for maintenance.

Also, the Legislative auditor in her 2001 audit

concluded that:   "the boating program should seek a general fund appropriation to address its most critical backlogged repair and maintenance projects.  A general fund appropriation is appropriate because the program supports the general public as well as users of the State's boating facilities.  The program's mission states that ocean-based recreation is to enrich the lives of all people who surf, fish, and swim in the ocean." 

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recommended that: "Immediately, the boating division should seek and secure general fund appropriations from the Legislature to address its most pressing repair and maintenance projects.  Support from the general fund would reflect the much larger population who benefit from the program than just the users of boating facilities:"

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Boating Special Fund FY 2003 Total

Boating Special Fund by Harbor

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