Ke‘ehi Harbor/Lagoon

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Keehi '100' Dock - abandoned.

The last two useable slips were vacated in 2003. Supposedly, money from a barge collision with the 800 dock (2 yrs ago) is being diverted to replace the 100 Dock. But?
Another view of Keehi '100' dock.

Keehi '200' Dock.

More than half of the Keehi 200 dock has been condemned.


Pilings are all that remain of Keehi '600' dock.

Removed prior to 2002, the ghost pilings of the 600 dock are ready to serve the ghost fleet!


No mast, no engine, no lights, no ...

Eight months ago this vessel (?) was towed into the slip and is used as a liveaboard. Did it pass inspection? Are they paying slip fees? ???


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Dock Maintenance:

As seen in the photos, the entire 100, most of the 200, and the entire 600 docks are abandoned.  Other docks need major repairs.

Law enforcement:

HPD claims that Keehi Lagoon is not in their jurisdiction.  They respond to 911 calls, but they do not patrol the harbor.

DOCARE sometimes patrols during the day, but as rule, they do not work after 5:00p.m.  As a result, several abandoned vehicles litter the parking lot, homeless live in the parking lot, dogs run off-leash and do what dogs do ... making Keehi a magnet for illegal drug activity.


The dock access gates use ordinary locks - keys can be reproduced for less than two dollars.  Therefore, everyone - including many who do not moor boats at Keehi - has keys to the docks.


The locked bathrooms are supposed to be available to liveaboards; however, at Keehi any tenant can purchase an access card for $6/month.  The facilities are over subscribed.

Lost Revenue:

Illegally moored vessels in slips & anchored in the triangle.

Dozens of boats are being used by liveaboards without permit.

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Click to visit DOBOR's Keehi Homepage

Harbor Agent:  Wesley Choi

4 Sand Island Access Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Ph: (808) 832-3464      Fax: (808) 832-3419

O'ahu District Supervisor:  Ed Underwood (acting)

Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation
333 Queen Street, Room 300
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813
Phone 808-587-1973   FAX 808-587-1977

State Senator:  Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland

13th Senatorial District
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 226
415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
phone 808-586-6130     FAX 808-586-6131

State Representative:  Rep. Felipe P. Abinsay, Jr.

29th Representative District
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 402
415 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
phone 808-586-6010     Fax 808-586-6011

Don't forget to contact the Senator and Representative for your home district.

Keehi Lagoon Activist:  WebSailor

Please send corrections, comments, additions to WebSailor.

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