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We all dream of retiring in a beautiful vacation home

If you were looking for a quiet paradise all to yourself, Moki o Keawe in Hawaii would make the perfect choice!

We all dream of retiring in a beautiful vacation home nestled right in front of the beach. And while Hawaii is blessed with a variety of equally stunning beaches to choose from, the more famous ones located in Honolulu and Waikiki, are usually swamped with tourists all-year round making it impossible for you to have the peaceful and quiet ambiance that you’re looking for. This is not the case in Moki o Keawe.

Known as one of Hawaii’s biggest islands that stretch over 1,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean, the place is surrounded with nothing but beautiful pristine beaches. Travelers rarely visit the beaches here so they’re even prettier than the famous ones that you see in Hawaii’s big cities. You’re sure to enjoy the long stretch of powdery white sand, swaying coconut trees, and the sound of birds chirping every time you wake up in the morning. Aside from the beaches, the island is also home to volcanoes, ocean cliffs, several waterfalls, and spectacular mountain ranges.

Moki o Keawe is made up of nine districts. Each of which has a unique character to offer. If you’re looking for the perfect real estate investment on the island, be sure to check out each of the nine districts. From small beachfront vacation homes to huge ranches, the prices may differ from one district to another but what’s guaranteed is that you’re sure to find the right one that fits your budget.

Take note of the common population centers in the area. Hilo, beautifully nestled on the east, offers the country vibe. The town is relatively small compared to the other districts but it’s been praised by a lot of travelers for its cozy and friendly atmosphere.  Despite its size, Hilo is also home to a range of commercial establishments like shopping centers, restaurants, and an airport for travelers’ convenience.

For those who are looking for a permanent place they could call home, the area in the Kailua-Kona region is known to be the most established and biggest residential area in town.  The place gives residents the best of both worlds  - water world on one side and beautiful terrains on the other.

The island is definitely for every body, especially for the soul yearning for a quiet and happy refuge, and the couples who’s looking for a laidback paradise to start a family.

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Kailua, The Beachtown Paradise on Oahu

Kailua is perfectly located on the east of Oahu. Many of us have probably seen this paradise in the movies. It has become the perfect shooting location because it offers a picturesque view of nature – mountain ranges and a beautiful stretch of the beach. Also commonly called as the “windward paradise” tourists flock into this part of Hawaii every year not just for vacation but to live here permanently as well.

Kailua’s tourism boom has turned it into one of the best locations to invest in for real estate. Every year, tourists flock into this part of Oahu to enjoy bonding with nature, indulge in shopping and a lot of eating. With this kind of tourism enthusiasm, real estate investors are guaranteed only of profitable returns.

Investors can look at single-family homes, commercial lots, condominiums, and even vacant lots to invest in. The best thing about investing in a place like Kailua where tourism is at its peak all-year round is that owners do not need to be hands-on on their property all the time. They can leave it with a local caretaker, they can rent it out to tourists, they can turn it into a commercial vacation house, or they can sell it when property prices are favorable.

If business and investing is not your game, Kailua is also the perfect location to raise a family. Through the years, the place has had an influx in immigrants. Kailua not only offers a beautiful environment to wake up to every morning, it is also filled with lots of commercial establishments like malls, restaurants, amusement parks for your convenience. If you plan to raise a family in Kailua, You will find that some great schools are nearby and with the booming tourism and commercial industry, jobs are abundant as well. More than anything, families are sure to love the vibe that this breezy beach town has to offer. With lots of sports activities like kite boarding, swimming, kayaking, etc., every ordinary is sure to feel like a memorable vacation day!

Today, the average sale price of properties in Oahu  at approximately $714,000 – this is 3.5 percent less than the average price last year. Investors today are sure to enjoy this huge savings! So why wait when the prices are at your favor? If you’re looking for the best place in Hawaii for real estate investment, check out Kailua homes for sale today and enjoy profitable returns – be it financially or quality family time.

Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most varied real estate islands

Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most varied real estate islands.  It has just about any type of home or scenery that someone seeking a home could possibly want.  Waikiki for example is a city lover’s dream come true. Kailua offers beautiful peaceful beaches for people seeking to get away from everything.  There are also a multitude of other places with all types of landscapes.

Two of the most popular areas in central Oahu are Mililani and Wahiawa.  Both can get pricey at top rates going over $1 million, but Mililani is generally less expensive of the two.  Anyone seeking a starter home can find one in Mililani at a reasonable price of $350,000.  Condos in both areas tend to start at an average of $120,000.

Oahu is one of the most populated islands in Hawaii.  Most people on the island tend to stay in the heaviest of the population in the areas such as Ala Moana, Waikiki, Manoa, and Kalihi Valley.  Condos vary in price in these locations from as little as $220,000 to over $10 million.  Wakiki, Kalihi Valley, Manoa Valley, and Makiki Heights tend to have to more expensive homes in the Metro area of the island.

Some of the most expensive property on the island can be found in the Diamond Head area. Property here at Kahala, Black Point, and Hawaii Loa Ridge can end up costing well over $17 million.  Most of these areas are also extremely nice gated communites.  Someone looking for something a little more affordable around this area should consider Aina Haina, Kapahulu, and Kaimuki.

The most luxurious homes on the island can be found towards the coastal area in Hawaii Kai.  Homes in the Portlock area tend to sell for anywhere between $500,000 and $23 million.  Although inexpensive homes are not found in this area, the more affordable homes will be found in Kalama Valley and Koko Head Terrace.

On the west side of the island is Ewa Plain.  This area features all kinds of homes in all prices.  Home seekers can find some of the more affordable properties on the island to really expensive.  They should also be able to find old to newly-built and homes in grand-scale master communities.  Many properties can also be found down the coast and on rivers in the area.  Just a few of the popular communities here include Ka Olina, Ewa Villages, and Ewa Beach.

Kailua is another varied property region on the island.  There are multiple home styles to choose from as well as locations.  There is also a wide price range of $500,000 to $36 million.  Some of the best neighborhoods to choose from are Waimanalo and Enchanted Lake.  Luxury homes in this area can be found in Lanikai.

First time buyers might find that Kaneohe is more in their price range.  Many homes start under $300,000.  The areas of Halekauwila and Ahuimanu might run a little over that price.  Someone seeking a luxury community in this area should check out Nohanani Tract.

The Leeward region of the island has excellent areas for first time buyers in Makaha, Nanakuli, and Waianae.  There are also luxury homes that can be found in Makaha as well as more affordable ones.

Someone seeking a home in a more laid-back environment should definitely check out the North Shore in Oahu.  They can also experience the massive surfing culture of this area.  Laie and Kahuku communities are great for first-time buyers while Mokuleia is a better choice for someone seeking a more luxury environment.

There are other areas that first time buyer might want to consider on the island.  For example Waipahu and Pearl City are both excellent areas with affordable price ranges. Although no matter where someone decides to purchase in Oahu they will not go wrong.  The island is beautiful in every direction, and the people and lifestyle are amazing.



Hawaii Kai real estate market

Hawaii Kai, from atop Koko Head
Image by Joel Abroad via Flickr

The Hawaii Kai real estate market, a portion of the larger Oahu housing market, saw several signs of improvement in the most recent tracking period. According to June 8, 2010 article in Pacific Business News, “Home sales on Oahu rose considerably in May, while prices for single-family homes and condominiums posted modest gains compared to the same month last year. The median price of a single-family home in May was $606,000, which was a 12 percent boost over May 2009, when the median price was $542,000, according to statistics from the Honolulu Board of Realtors.” The report went on to say that “That was based on 284 home sales, which was a 31.5 percent increase over 216 sales in May 2009. Condo sales on Oahu soared 35.5 percent in May to 355 units sold, up from 262 units sold in 2009.”

The increase in the median price of a Hawaii Kai home for sale, along with the rest of the island, was also mentioned in a June 3, 2010 article from Pacific Business News. This piece noted that “Oahu home prices are up 5.1 percent on average over the past year, according to a report released Thursday by a provider of real estate valuation and risk assessment for financial services companies.” The article, based on a report by Clear Capital, continued to say that “Comparing the three months ended May 31 with the same period last year, California-based Clear Capital ranked Oahu as the seventh-highest performing major market nationally, with a 2.2 percent price increase, behind Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, and Minneapolis. The number of bank-owned properties on Oahu – 7.5 percent of the total – remains modest.”

Combined with other factors, these indicators seem to suggest a recovery for the Hawaii Kai and Oahu housing markets. According to a June 8, 2010 article from Hawaii News Now, “Honolulu home sales are picking up, prices are mostly higher, and two other metrics show the strength of the market is growing. In May on Oahu, 284 homes went to closing, about a third more than in May of last year, for a median price of $606,000 that was up $64,000 from back then.”

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Ko Olina Real Estate

Ko'Olina Beach
Image by andy castro via Flickr

A mostly resort community on the leeward coast of Hawaii’s Oahu island, Ko Olina is a fast-developing community full of beachfront five-star resorts, first-class golf courses and some of the island’s finest and most desirable homes. It is not officially a city but is a part of the community of Kapolei. The market for Ko Olina real estate features generally higher-priced luxurious homes and condos, many of which are on or near the beaches, which offer some of the most beautiful vistas on the island.

According to statistics from the Honolulu Board of Realtors, the market in which Ko Olina lies saw a total of 14 new single-family homes listed for sale in March, down by more than 36% from 2009, when 22 new listings were posted in March. These new postings brought the monthly total inventory at the end of March to 65 single-family homes, down 22.6% from March 2009. There were four sales of single-family homes in March, down from six last year, which closed with a median sales price of $667,000, up 46% from last year. The average sales price came in at $664,645, up more than 31% from last year’s price.

Ko Olina homes for sale in the condo market showed similar trends during the month of March. There were 10 new condos listed for sale, down from 13 new listings in March 2009. The total inventory of condos for sale at the end of the month was 48, down 9.4% from one year ago. The median sales price of condos in the area was $251,000, up 4.1% annually, while the average price stood at $280,500, up more than 11% year-over-year. The one category where condos did not show improvement annually was in average number of days on the market until sale, which in March was 117, 14.6% higher than it was in March 2009.

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Hawaii Boaters

View of Diamond Head, pool, and beach
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About Hawaii Boaters Launched in March 2004, HawaiiBoaters.Org forms the basis for a grassroots (barnacles up) organization to lobby for the improvement of the state-managed harbors of Hawaii. If you are unfamiliar with boating in Hawaii or the state-managed small boat harbors, then here are a few of the problems: * Waiting lists for a slip in most harbors span years to decades. * Maintenance backlog for the harbors may be $200 million or more. * Harbors have abandoned slips and entire piers due to lack of maintenance. * Harbor bathrooms are notoriously bad. (Beyond description) * Law enforcement is minimal on state harbor property. * Homeless, drunks, druggies, & bums live in harbor parking lots. * Liveaboards are allowed in only two state harbors. *

There are few private marinas – all on Oahu. There are many reasons why the harbors have deteriorated. Beyond instances of corruption, fiscal ineptitude, and fees that haven’t changed since 1994, the Hawaii State Auditor wrote in her 2001 report: “Inadequate management of state boating facilities has been a recurring problem.

Our prior audits in 1993 and 1998 reported on these deficiencies. In our present audit, we found that little had changed in the poor conditions of these state boating facilities.

The boating program’s mismanagement and neglect have deteriorated facilities to the point where their continued use threatens public safety.” Earlier this year I attended two Legislative committee hearings. In neither hearing did DLNR nor DOBOR present a plan to resolve the situation. Instead, they salivated over a $10 million bond request submitted by the Governor. Had that request been approved, half of it was targeted to correct EPA violations – not harbor repairs or improvements. In his February 14 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Water Ways column, Ray Pendleton discussed the dysfunctional state marinas. Dysfunctional is a perfect description of the state managed marinas of Hawaii. Under existing laws, regulations, staffing, and funding, neither the Department of Land and Natural Resources nor its Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation has the ability to repair let alone improve the small boat harbors of Hawaii. With HawaiiBoaters.Org, our goal is to motivate a vocal contingent of boaters to press the state to privatize many of the state harbors. Where privatization is impractical, the Legislature must fund the maintenance and improvement of the remaining harbors. Over the next few months, we will develop a detailed plan for this goal. So who are we? We started as me, my mouse, and a mentor, but since launching the website, a growing number of dissatisfied boaters around Hawaii have contacted me. Boaters, a notoriously independent lot, are fed up with the crappy boat harbors of Hawaii.

Please wander about the website. If you are as dissatisfied with the harbors as we are, then please get involved. We need everyone to speak up.

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