Kailua, The Beachtown Paradise on Oahu

Kailua is perfectly located on the east of Oahu. Many of us have probably seen this paradise in the movies. It has become the perfect shooting location because it offers a picturesque view of nature – mountain ranges and a beautiful stretch of the beach. Also commonly called as the “windward paradise” tourists flock into this part of Hawaii every year not just for vacation but to live here permanently as well.

Kailua’s tourism boom has turned it into one of the best locations to invest in for real estate. Every year, tourists flock into this part of Oahu to enjoy bonding with nature, indulge in shopping and a lot of eating. With this kind of tourism enthusiasm, real estate investors are guaranteed only of profitable returns.

Investors can look at single-family homes, commercial lots, condominiums, and even vacant lots to invest in. The best thing about investing in a place like Kailua where tourism is at its peak all-year round is that owners do not need to be hands-on on their property all the time. They can leave it with a local caretaker, they can rent it out to tourists, they can turn it into a commercial vacation house, or they can sell it when property prices are favorable.

If business and investing is not your game, Kailua is also the perfect location to raise a family. Through the years, the place has had an influx in immigrants. Kailua not only offers a beautiful environment to wake up to every morning, it is also filled with lots of commercial establishments like malls, restaurants, amusement parks for your convenience. If you plan to raise a family in Kailua, You will find that some great schools are nearby and with the booming tourism and commercial industry, jobs are abundant as well. More than anything, families are sure to love the vibe that this breezy beach town has to offer. With lots of sports activities like kite boarding, swimming, kayaking, etc., every ordinary is sure to feel like a memorable vacation day!

Today, the average sale price of properties in Oahu  at approximately $714,000 – this is 3.5 percent less than the average price last year. Investors today are sure to enjoy this huge savings! So why wait when the prices are at your favor? If you’re looking for the best place in Hawaii for real estate investment, check out Kailua homes for sale today and enjoy profitable returns – be it financially or quality family time.

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