Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most varied real estate islands

Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most varied real estate islands.  It has just about any type of home or scenery that someone seeking a home could possibly want.  Waikiki for example is a city lover’s dream come true. Kailua offers beautiful peaceful beaches for people seeking to get away from everything.  There are also a multitude of other places with all types of landscapes.

Two of the most popular areas in central Oahu are Mililani and Wahiawa.  Both can get pricey at top rates going over $1 million, but Mililani is generally less expensive of the two.  Anyone seeking a starter home can find one in Mililani at a reasonable price of $350,000.  Condos in both areas tend to start at an average of $120,000.

Oahu is one of the most populated islands in Hawaii.  Most people on the island tend to stay in the heaviest of the population in the areas such as Ala Moana, Waikiki, Manoa, and Kalihi Valley.  Condos vary in price in these locations from as little as $220,000 to over $10 million.  Wakiki, Kalihi Valley, Manoa Valley, and Makiki Heights tend to have to more expensive homes in the Metro area of the island.

Some of the most expensive property on the island can be found in the Diamond Head area. Property here at Kahala, Black Point, and Hawaii Loa Ridge can end up costing well over $17 million.  Most of these areas are also extremely nice gated communites.  Someone looking for something a little more affordable around this area should consider Aina Haina, Kapahulu, and Kaimuki.

The most luxurious homes on the island can be found towards the coastal area in Hawaii Kai.  Homes in the Portlock area tend to sell for anywhere between $500,000 and $23 million.  Although inexpensive homes are not found in this area, the more affordable homes will be found in Kalama Valley and Koko Head Terrace.

On the west side of the island is Ewa Plain.  This area features all kinds of homes in all prices.  Home seekers can find some of the more affordable properties on the island to really expensive.  They should also be able to find old to newly-built and homes in grand-scale master communities.  Many properties can also be found down the coast and on rivers in the area.  Just a few of the popular communities here include Ka Olina, Ewa Villages, and Ewa Beach.

Kailua is another varied property region on the island.  There are multiple home styles to choose from as well as locations.  There is also a wide price range of $500,000 to $36 million.  Some of the best neighborhoods to choose from are Waimanalo and Enchanted Lake.  Luxury homes in this area can be found in Lanikai.

First time buyers might find that Kaneohe is more in their price range.  Many homes start under $300,000.  The areas of Halekauwila and Ahuimanu might run a little over that price.  Someone seeking a luxury community in this area should check out Nohanani Tract.

The Leeward region of the island has excellent areas for first time buyers in Makaha, Nanakuli, and Waianae.  There are also luxury homes that can be found in Makaha as well as more affordable ones.

Someone seeking a home in a more laid-back environment should definitely check out the North Shore in Oahu.  They can also experience the massive surfing culture of this area.  Laie and Kahuku communities are great for first-time buyers while Mokuleia is a better choice for someone seeking a more luxury environment.

There are other areas that first time buyer might want to consider on the island.  For example Waipahu and Pearl City are both excellent areas with affordable price ranges. Although no matter where someone decides to purchase in Oahu they will not go wrong.  The island is beautiful in every direction, and the people and lifestyle are amazing.



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